Pine Valley 10th Hole. Signed Limited Edition of 850-Fine Art Print



Pine Valley 10th Hole by Richard Chorley. This is Signed Limited Edition of 850 in Fine Art Print. Size 15″ x 22″.

Pine Valley was founded in 1913 by a group of amateur golfers from Philadelphia. They purchased 184 acres (0.7 km²) of rolling, sandy ground deep in the pinelands of southern New Jersey, and gave George Arthur Crump, who knew the area from hunting expeditions, the opportunity to design the course. This was Crump’s first and only golf course design, and he set himself some idiosyncratic principles: no hole should be laid out parallel to the next; no more than two consecutive holes should play in the same direction; and players shouldn’t be able to see any hole other than the one they were playing. He also felt that a round of golf on his course should require a player to use every club in the bag.

This is an extremely deep bunker on the par three 10th hole.


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