Ben Hogan One Iron Shot At Merion – SIZE 16″ X 20″


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Ben Hogan “One Iron Shot” original poster was produced by Ben Hogan’s company in 1956. This is the most famous golf photograph of Ben Hogan hitting his “1-Iron” to the 18th green. The photograph has Ben Hogans facsimile signature in the corner .

On June 10, 1950 Ben Hogan played in the third and fourth round of the U.S. Open – the final two rounds were played in one day up until 1965 when the USGA changed it to a four-day tournament. In the third round, the morning round on the final day Saturday, Lloyd Mangrum shot a one-under-par 69 to take a one shot lead over Dutch Harrison and two strokes over Ben who shot a two-over-par 72. In the fourth round, Ben needed a par on the final hole to tie Lloyd Mangrum and George Fazio.  However, getting to the 72nd hole was almost a miracle in itself. It was a mere 16 months prior that Ben was involved in a near fatal head on collision with a Greyhound Bus and was given the prognosis that he would never be able to walk again without being in excruciating pain and that he would most certainly never be able to play competitive golf again.
On the 12th hole, Hogan almost fell down, and he could barely walk. Hogan told the caddy that he could not go on, but the caddy reportedly said, “No sir, Mr. Hogan.  I don’t work for no quitters.  I will see you on the next tee.”


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