Golfer Medallion Cast by Benno Schotz- 1 of 10




Golfer Relief by Benno Schotz. This relief is 1 of only 10, 6″ around, and created in 1979.

Benno Schotz (28 August 1891 Arensburg – 11 October 1984 Glasgow) was an Estonian-born Scottish sculptor, and one of twentieth century Scotland’s leading artists. In 1912, he emigrated to Glasgow, where he gained an engineering diploma from the Royal Technical College. From 1914 to 1923 he worked in the drawing office of John Brown and Company, while attending evening classes in sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art. Although Benno Schotz is frequently referred to as an Estonian sculptor, all his professional life was in Scotland. He became a naturalised British subject in 1930. He became a full member of the Royal Scottish Academy, 1937. He headed the Sculpture and Ceramics dept. of the Glasgow School of Art from 1938 until his retirement in 1960. His active life as a sculptor continued thereafter with renewed vigor and he created his most ambitious and monumental works over the next 20 years. In 1963, he was appointed The Sculptor in Ordinary for Scotland, a member of the Royal household.


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